best hair color and balayage in gainesville fl

Where are you located and how do I make an appointment?

Booking is done online, at the front page click book online now. OR send a text message at any time to 352.870.3918. Please give your first, middle or last name, service requested, and times preferred.  A response will be given in 24 hours or less

What is the difference between partial, and full balayage or highlights?

This depends on how subtle or dramatic you would like your balayage and/or highlights.  Partial offers  subtle to moderate coverage. Full is the most dramatic with every section highlighted or colored. 

If this is your first time getting your hair colored, then a partial balayage/highlight is a great option. More dramatic changes, a full is suggested.

How can I best prepare for my hair color appointment?

  • Bring pictures of your desired look
  • Avoid chlorinated pools at least a week before, chlorine can remain in the hair and cause an adverse chemical reaction
  • Avoid heavy styling products 

How can I best take care of my hair color?


Most shampoos are too harsh and can cause hair color to fade. A sulfate free shampoo is highly recommended. Sulfate is a common ingredient, often found in detergents and toothpaste, good for getting rid of product build up however not beneficial for colored hair.

Sun Exposure

Think of your new hair color, like a work of art in a museum. Constant sun exposure can cause hair color to fade or lighten in shade. Leave in conditioner or a serum can help preserve your work of art along with a hat or scarf.


Salt and chlorine will affect most colors. Avoid the ocean and pool if you have a high maintenance hair color; creative fashion colors fall victim to this. If you must go for a dip, leave in conditioner is highly recommended 

Can you explain your pricing?

Pricing is based off of time/hair length/density, amount of experience, continuing advanced education, and cost of luxury product.

All prices are unisex/gender neutral, set to hair length, not sex. 

I’m nervous/embarrassed/scared to come to the salon!

Consultations are complimentary and appointments are not forced.   There is a no judgements policy. No guest will ever be shamed for using box color, or different product.  Whatever your hair situation, you can be absolutely assured no judgments are made and challenges are exciting!  

For your service, you may also invite 1-2 friends. Wifi is available, along with beverages  to make your experience at the salon more enjoyable. 

LGBTQ friendly